According to a report in 2015, there are about 3.2 billion internet users all across the globe. The concern of all these users may vary greatly but also there is a threat for all of those internet users. As on one side internet is considered as one of the most helpful platforms of knowledge in the same way on other side it has also a big threat. That threat is known as the threat of hacking. Many times it happened that you may not aware that what mistake you are going to make which will welcome to hackers.

One of the biggest mistakes is made by many people is the downloading of software by untrustworthy websites. This is what we do daily without even caring. But this may raise a big problem for you. For instance, you want to download VLC and you search by filehippoc or filehippo vlc. But maybe there will also open many other websites with the same name about which you are not aware. Therefore you need to check out the website clearly before you are going to start downloading. Below are given some most trustworthy websites:

1.    FilePuma

This website seemed to be similar like the filehippo. It may seem like the filehippo but not exactly. Because this website has a different interface than filehippo. Also, you can find out that this website makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for. There you can find out an ease while you are going to search for any software. This will truly make the downloading feasible for you. Filepuma also has a detector which can download and that detector can easily determine if there will be any update for your applications. Safety measurement for this website is:

WOt Rating = 91%

URL Rating  =25/25

Remarks        = Safest


One of the most sounding and trusted websites from years. This website has a marvellous background as it seemed to be an old website. But it may look like a website of the 90s it doesn’t mean that the performance of website will also be like that. You can find out that this website is being considered as safe for almost 15 years. This excellence span of achievement reveals the trustworthiness of this website. However, still many users can be found online whenever this website is visited. Safety measurement is given below:

WOT Rating =94%

URL Rating   =24/25

Remarks       = Safe

3.    Download Crew

This is considered as the best considerable choice by the users. People rely on this website and it is also a safe spot to download various programs. The thing which makes this website different than others is its different strategy of working. You can find that this website has a short review about every software. Although that is short but still it will give you a clear idea about the good and bad aspects of that specified software. So, now you don’t need to worry about the new programs. The rating of this website is as follows:

WOT Rating= 91%

URL Rating= 25/25

Remarks    = Safe and Reliable

The rating which is mentioned here is collected by WOT. So, you can easily rely upon all these websites.