Motors are the core of every machine. Regardless of whether it’s an air conditioner, a fridge or a car, they all have motors running inside them. They are found in almost all electronic equipment. Without a motor, the machine won’t be able to run.


Like any other object, if you want something to continue to work for a long time, it is important to take good care of them. The same principle applies to motors and its components. Motor repairs can be very expensive, depending on the damage it suffered. They can also be replaced by a new one but they won’t come cheap.


So what can you do to help prolong the lifespan of your motors? Proper maintenance. By maintaining and ensuring the proper care is met, your motors will be able to run properly past their lifespans. But how do you take care of them?

1. Lubrication

Lubricating is one of the common ways of taking care of metallic objects. Lubricants help reduce the friction created inside the motor because they can make the metals colliding with each other reduce their heat emission. The downside for lubricants is that when not applied properly, they could seep into the deeper parts of the motor. This could cause some of the components to slow down or wear down.

2. Temperature

Usually, when a motor runs, there is heat generated because of the components moving at a constant fast speed or prolonged use. This can cause friction, which is bad for the motor. Pay attention to the temperature of your motor. If you are starting to feel something hot coming from it, it’s best to cool the motor down by turning it off.

3. Check for Small Debris

Despite a constant care when it comes to your motors, there will be problems caused by dirt. Dirt and dust are small enough to squeeze their way inside the small gaps and holes of the motor. When left unattended, they could lodge themselves into the small gaps, giving the motor a hard time of functioning properly.

4. Belts

Belts are usually found inside machinery. They help prevent breaking of components due to tension exerted. Like lubrication, it is important to make sure that the belt is properly placed inside. When left unattended, the belt could misalign when the motor is running. This could cause additional tension, which may result to the belt snapping in half.

5. Bearings

Bearings are small metallic components found on most machines. They help reduce friction from two colliding metal components to avoid generating heat. They are usually lubricated with lubricants so that they will not scratch the surface of some of the sensitive components of the motor. Bearings would also need to be checked and maintained well if you want them to help prolong the lifespan of your motor.


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