untitledWhen you are done with installing the lamps and chandeliers in your place it is time to bring light to them. And this may not be as easy as it seems from the first sight. To make the room really cozy without sufficient investment you should keep in mind the following things:

  • Light quality

Lighting is where functionality comes before design. So, first of all, think of the light itself and then of the bulb’s design. It should not flicker or blind, the color temperature should be comfortable. We recommend using warm white light for living spaces and neutral white for working ones.  Talking about flicker and glare, pay attention to such parameters as ripple level and beam angle. The lower is the ripple level the smoother the light will be. On the contrary, wide beam angle makes the light more diffused.

  • Design

Now it is about style and aesthetics. Light bulb hanging from the ceiling on the cord may be an idea for some high fashion apartments, but most of us use various chandeliers, lamps and luminaires to illuminate our places. And it is important to find a suitable light bulb. Many manufacturers offer high range of shapes and some, like a young Ukrainian led bulb manufacturer Jooby, have particular product lines.


  • Lifespan

Ok, we’ve created a great illumination, what’s next? One more challenge is to make it everlasting. Happily, we can cope with it easily using LED lamps. An average bulb serves for 50 000 hours, so it’s even difficult to imagine how soon you will have to replace it. We do not recommend fluorescent light bulbs that are also quite long lasting as their light is of much lower quality.

  • Eco-friendliness

Now let us think global. It may seem that lighting doesn’t affect our environment too much, but it does. Halogen and fluorescent lamps contain toxic gases, thus require special disposal. Incandescent lamps are already banned in lots of countries for their poor energy efficiency that is also a part of environment damaging chain. So, once again, LED lighting comes in handy.

  • Energy consumption

How could we forget! Shape and light quality may be great but you will not dare to switch it on too often if it consumes power like dozens of Christmas trees. Here comes LED lighting once again, now to cut down your electricity bill (it’s not our fault it is so enormous). They consume about ten times less electricity than incandescent bulbs and about 3 times less that fluorescent ones, while emitting the light of the same brightness.