Google+ had been facing some major complaints from its users that there is no option available for them to add more admins or account manager to their Google Plus pages. It had caused them trouble in the case when they wanted to have someone along with them to handle and manage the account. Mainly when the real owner has to go somewhere or might not be able to answer important emails or queries. It was really a point and a necessary aspect that was missing for a long time in the Google Plus pages. So the users have been frustrating to get this option done.

Google Plus For Business

Thanks to the Google team and their efforts, this complaint has been successfully solved. Now you can add more admins or account managers to your Google Page.

Google Plus is a massive portal for its users to enjoy a big bulk of possibilities full of amazing features in a user-friendly interface. From entertainment to business, you can access to every new feature that is appropriate according to your needs. You can promote and generate business from many features from the Google Plus. With this new option in Google Plus, you can now effectively manage your account by adding more admins and account managers for your business or personal purposes.

The biggest advantage of the Google Plus page over the Facebook Business page is that the owner has the complete right to transform the ownership to somebody else he wishes and he must an existing member of the page.  The manager of your account has no option available to delete the authentic owner. Effective indeed. It would prevent the actual owner of the page to be sure that he/she will not be detained from his/her own account due to any misconceptions or disagreements between them and their partner account managers.

Steps to Add Admins to Google Plus Business Page

First, log into your Google Plus account and make certain that you are visiting your main home page. Then to the right side, click the drop down option where you can find the button to add admins or account managers to your account.

You will see a setting option on the top corner at the right side of your home page. After the settings done, move your cursor to the left side and hover your cursor over the Managers button and hit it.

Then enter into the text box, the Gmail ID of the person you want to make as the account manager of your Google account.

Click on the invite button and the person will get the invitation from your side offering to become the account manager or admin of your Google Plus account.

With this option available for the Google Plus users, now you can share your account and be able to manage together. The correspondence done within the account can be shared and it offers a complete security and ease of use for both the users of the same account.