Many people love to do adventure and carry out different thrilling activities if you are one of them, don’t keep your desires smothered. Just explore your city and you will surely get some amazing ways to enjoy a thrilling time.

Even if you are living in a metro city like Mumbai, you can enjoy the thrill of trekking if you want. Yes, Trekking near Mumbai is absolutely possible that too within your time constraints and budget. There are many spots around Mumbai that are perfect for trekking adventures. Not just this, if you want you can join groups that organize trips.this way, you need not do anything nor you have to take any type of headaches because the organizers will take care of all the arrangements.

An exciting one day trek to One Tree Hill!

If you are ready for this exciting trip, just keep yourself free on Sunday the 30th July 2017 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The trip is getting organized by Small Steps Adventures and it will take you to Matheran that is outside Mumbai. In just 800 rupees, you can relish a day full of thrill and excitement.

Talking about One Tree Hill, it is a rare trek that is very close to the city, yet serene and untouched. The trail is very easy and can be attempted by trekkers of all the age groups that too during any season. Every season brings in a varied flavour and an intense experience. the trail to One tree hill from Ambewadi is also called the Shivaji ladder route. Through the trail near the end of the dense forest, you get across a mass of rocks and boulders here in the trail disappears. It is popular as Shivaji Steps or Shivaji Ladder.As per the local legend, Shivaji rode up the route on horseback.From this spot, it is 500m to top, up to a streambed that is dry except the times of monsoon. So, what can be more exciting than exploring so much in a single day or less than that?

Pay a visit to Tungareshwar

How about sparing some time for adventure and pay a visit to Tungareshwar? It is a beautiful Trek near Mumbai in Vasai. The mesmerizing waterfalls of Tungareshwar are at an altitude of about 2177 feet. In this thick forest, there are plenty of chances for trekking and nature enthusiasts.

So, if you have a day or can spare a weekend then why not just go through the richness of this place and relish a trekking ride full of fun and enthusiasm!At this spot, for most of the trekkers, the starting point is highway junction. It is about a kilometer from the base. At the base, there is a forest check post also. From there starts the true trekking of Tungareshwar. After around about a three km trek and walking through two streams, you approach Lord Shiva temple. There are two treks here onward and you can pick as per your convenience. But one thing is for sure that both the treks are very lively and have their own fascination. Not only this, there is so much around this trek.


So what are you waiting for, go ahead and embrace it all!