I was free from my business engagements for few days so I planned to go for sand safari Dubai with few of my friends. They were also on vacations and searching for some opportunities to make the right use of their vacations. I called them all to finalize the trip schedule and destinations where we have to go during our trip. They came at my home and we started discussion on the trip details. All were agree to go for desert safari but there were some conflicts on visiting other places because we had not a long time to stay in Dubai.

Soon we had finalized the details of trip and places where we had to go. Some of us wanted to go for Palm Island and few wanted to see the sky scraping buildings like Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab. We distributed the time to each place and made a proper schedule of all over upcoming activities of our tour. It helps us a lot to manage our time and enjoy more.

We booked our air tickets and reached airport in time. Soon we were on the land of beautiful buildings, awesome beaches and deserts full of sand. We reached our hotel and did some refreshment. Then we call a tourism company and booked our seats. As we are 5 friends so we booked one private vehicle for us. So we could get more entertainment. The driver was on the front gate of hotel at the specified time. He made us a call and we approached him within few minutes. We were already prepared to leave for Morning Dubai safari .

He started driving and soon we were on the meeting place were many other vehicles were ready to go. The vehicles were going in the form of convoy. In no time we were in the deep desert. The drivers were doing their best to make the desert safari more adventurous. They started dune bashing which was our first experience. It was an extra ordinary experience of its type. We had never experienced such an excursion before in our life.

After this they took us to their tourism camp where we enjoyed camel ride and sand skiing. Some people were also interested in quad biking. There was a variety of traditional food in the camp. We ate food from dishes of our own choice. The food was very tasty. We took a lot of photos in the desert. When we finished the desert safari the vehicles started their journey back to the city. Soon we were in front of our hotel. This day was a memorable and amazing day of our life.