Initially, the Casio company started with cigarette accessory (a ring that would hold a lit cigarette, allowing the smoker the freedom of both their hands) but with time it progressed into one of the largest consumer technology brands in the world.

One of their greatest invasions, however, was into the watch world. Though their primarily digital designs didn’t get the kind of prestige as their Swiss counterparts got, their products are quite popular among people.

From all the Casio’s watches, however, G-Shock line turned out to be the pick of the litter. It’s going to be near about 35 years of Casio watches in production. We have made a list of best G-Shock watches available today.


It is said to be the Casio’s best attempt at an all-conditions watch, from Mudman, you could have guessed it from where the name got derived- its resistance to mud. And, for the outdoorsman who will be wearing it, has all the essential features one might expect. Some of the features of Casio G-Shock Mudman G9300 are that it can tell you moon phases, temperatures, comes with an onboard compass, is solar powered, and it has a world clock- so you can set the time according to the time zone of your place. This Casio watch is perfect if you are an adventure lover and looking for an adventure watch.


G-Shock Casio watches came with the Rangeman series which is probably close to exploring a military style watch. Probably the perfect watch for the new generation-outdoorsman. It is equipped with features like a shock-resistant triple sensor- giving it the ability to read the altitude, barometric pressure, temperature and direction readings, all at your fingertips.

It’s not only just solar powered but also comes with impact-resistant and features like multi-band atomic self-adjusting timekeeping. The different sensor modes feature different associated tone so that it can help you in determining which mode you are using without even looking.


Casio G-Shock Gxw-56-1bjf Solar Radio Watch provides accurate information regardless of the location. This multi-band watch uses radio wave technology for synchronisation. It is a fully-functional chronograph watch that has a digital day/date window and a few other handy features.

If you are looking for a big chunky watch that can perform, this is the right watch for you. This solar powered watch ensures that you can go on without having to worry about the battery.


If you love adventures outside and don’t mind getting dirty, Casio G-Shock Gg-1000-1a3 Mudmaster Watch is the perfect watch for you. This rugged timepiece is built for worst of wear and tear on the go. You don’t have to worry about the mud and grime as the multiple gaskets keep the mud out of your watch. The button shaft and the pipes are completely protected from the muck and will perform even when covered by soil.  Water resistant up to 200 meters, it is low on maintenance. Just give it a clean at the end of the day.


Casio’s G-Shock Gw9200-1 Riseman Watch is built for aviation. From its design to functionality, every feature of this watch is for flying in the air.

It comes with a unique three-layer twin sensor for measuring altitude. You can use the watch to take altitude and barometric measurements. It can also calculate temperatures. This watch can perform atomic timekeeping. The watch self-adjusts to the time zone you enter while flying. It is entirely solar powered.


The G-Shock Gwf1000-1cr Frogman Watch is a member of the G collection of Casio watches. It is designed for high-end drivers that need a tough, hardy and durable watch on the go. Solar powered, this watch is loaded with features like multiband 6 atomic timekeeping which means it depends on the radio for accuracy in information. If you like to spend your time outside and love a little adventure, this watch is the right one for you.


This Casio watch has been designed with maritime toughness in mind. Casio G-Shock Gwn-Q1000-1a Gulfmaster Watch is ultimate watch for anyone who spends their time in the open ocean. The watch is radio controlled to provide accuracy in time, sunset/sunrise and tidal change information. With an elapsed-time bezel, the watch also comes with a thermometer, a compass and barometer. To make things more interesting, the watch can also run on solar power if you are outside.