With the soccer world being more competitive day by day, punters continue to develop new tactics and bookmakers new betting methodologies to make betting on the outcomes of football matches more fun.

Every punter’s betting method is a key element for them as they make sure they win each and every game they bet on and do not lose money to the bookmakers, irrespective of the market and the type of bet they place. The two types of bets that can pay dividends to the punter when placed correctly are ‘Double Chance’ and ‘Both Teams to Score’.

What Is ‘Double Chance’ Betting?

In ‘Double Chance’ betting, the punter gets a single price over a win or a draw. Therefore, the bookmaker reduces the three outcomes of a match (a home win, an away win, and a draw) into two.

If the backed team wins or draws, the punter wins the bet, but if the team loses, he loses the bet. The double chance bet eradicates the chances of drawing a match. The win/draw match prediction will always be shorter than individual win and draw speculation because the probability of either outcome occurring is greater than each one separately.

A ‘Double Chance’ is an ideal choice for inexperienced punters as two of the three results are covered and it poses lesser risks.

What Is ‘Both Teams to Score’ Betting?

Both Teams to Score is one of the betting strategy gaining popularity in recent years and is where the punter is neutral or supporting neither of the teams to win.

Both teams need to score to win the bet, so any result like 1-1 is a winning bet. It is one of the bets where the playing teams’ strength and their performance in the last few matches can help determine if both teams will score or not.

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