Bareboat Charter Along the Montenegro Coast

The Balkans are a terrific destination for a yacht charter. You might be considering sailing the Greek islands or plan on docking in Split in order to explore the rich history and culture of Croatia. But among these wonderful destinations lies a gem that remains relatively unknown. Montenegro is known as the Pearl of the Mediterranean and all you have to do is explore its beautifully preserved historic seaside villages and rugged landscape to understand why. Here’s an itinerary for the long weekend that will have you sailing along dramatic coastlines and eating the catch of the day with the locals.


Setting sail

Montenegro’s coast stretches for 185 miles along the Adriatic Sea. In addition to long swathes of beautiful beach, you’ll come across well preserved ancient towns and some of the most incredible fjords in the world, where the Adriatic cuts into the mountainous landscape.


Cut right to Kotor – Day 1

Kotor marina is a stunning place from which to begin your itinerary. The old town is situated within a bay and faces a wall of mountains that fall dramatically into the Adriatic. There is plenty of history to be explored, while taverns serve up local food and drink and provide a cosy break.


A Perast from the past – Day 2

Perast is an example of just how many ancient towns line Montenegro’s coast. Just a little further into Boka Kotorska bay, the town with its Byzantine church is a wonderful example of the area’s architecture. Nearby, lies the only manmade island in the Adriatic Sea, it’s called Our Lady of Rocks and it houses a magical little church now converted into a museum.


Meditate in beautiful Budva – Day 3

Just an hour’s sailing south of the Boka Kotorska bay lies Budva. The fortified old town juts into the sea, making it an absolutely spectacular sight. The town is home to a beach, a historic centre and some of the best nightlife in the Balkans. This activity-laden town is Montenegro’s tourist hub for a good reason. Families, couples and party goers alike will have a great time in Budva.


The Balkan coast is a spectacular place to charter, whether you prefer to take a backseat on a captained yacht charter or steer yourself bareboat, crystal clear waters, stunning architecture, and magnificent landscapes await. Montenegro is relatively unexplored, making it a great place to escape from the crowds and find that secret honeymoon spot.