According to a report by U.S. Census Bureau declared that almost 400,000 businesses started every year in U.S. But also 470,000 are dying. This is a horrible figure which illustrates the difficulty of starting a new business. And if by chance some people take an initiative of starting businesses they might not be able to survive in the market. So, how to cope up with all this? Well, in the time being, where an Electronic market is influencing masses more than anything else, you should also jump into it. If you will also invest some amount on digital marketing than it will surely give you something in return.

How digital marketing can help you?

Maybe you are confused that how the digital marketing can help you out. For this purpose, you have to keep in mind that digital marketing can help you by the means of SEO and social media. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The search engines are known as the online libraries and what position your website will get in those libraries can really influence you. If your website will be in top searches than the standard of your business will definitely raise. For that purpose, SEO tools work. Nowadays you can get free SEO tools and along with their help, you can make a free website analysis. Have a look below at some sounding SEO tools:

1.    ZigStat

A great tool that I recently came to know. Believe me, everything you need for your websites matrices and statistics can be found there and it is free of cost. I know how frustrating things can get when you try to find Moz or Majestic matrices in bulk when you do not have expensive accounts to check them. Zigstat offers those services in just one report. You can find every analysis including Moz, Majestic, Alexa, Google, Semrush, etc. You can even find top keywords in major search engines, top backlinks, worth of website and the earning estimation, and website whois. Try it once and I can assure that you will bookmark it as I did.

2.    Screaming frog

This is considered as the most effective tool in SEO. This tool is responsible for analysing the working of your website by making an analysis of the links, images, and CSS. This tool will analyse your website in the way of SEO. If there would be anything which will not be righteous than easily you will come to know by screaming frog. You can contact the developer to sort out that issue.

3.    Google Analytics

This is one of the best tools which works totally for your beneficiary. You can easily come to know the position of your website and its ranking. Moreover, the flow of traffic and what is the working of your website by the month to month or year to year analysis can also be illustrated by this tool.

4.    Majestic SEO

This is the most helpful tool which works until your satisfaction. You can easily get aware about the minor details of your website by this tool. Moreover, the keyword density and history of backlinks can also be known with the help of this tool.

So, these are some of the tools which will work to shape your businesses. SEO is really helpful and supportive if you want to grow your business quickly.