The cycling jersey that you wear needs to last a long time in order to give you value for money. You will be riding your bike several times a week, so you need to make sure that you get rid of any poor quality jerseys as soon as possible. Then you can shop around in order to find a brand which is suitable for you and provides top-quality equipment.

What are the warning signs that a cycling jersey is an extremely poor quality?

The Zipper Gets Stuck Easily

When you are riding, you need to keep as cool as possible without overheating. This means that sometimes you will want to partial unzip the front of the jersey so that cool air can soothe your neck and your chest. You don’t want to be spending a lot of time trying to get the zip undone. This will spoil your overall enjoyment of the ride.

You need a zip that does not get stuck at all so that you can undo the front of the jersey in a matter of seconds. Then you will be able to carry on with your relaxing bike ride without any problems.

The Zip Breaks Off Completely

The next sign of poor quality cycling jerseys is if the zip breaks off completely. This will need to be replaced or you may need to buy yourself a brand new shirt. Once the zip breaks, your chest and stomach will be exposed to the elements for the rest of the ride which can make your feel extremely uncomfortable.

The Colours Are Extremely Dull

Cycling jerseys need to be highly visible so that cars and motorbikes on the road can give you a wide berth when they are passing by. The cycling shirt will not be very effective if the colours are dull. You should avoid cycling shirts that feature lots of brown, grey and black because these colours will make you blend into the background, which will potentially be very dangerous.

Instead, the colours need to be extremely vibrant.

The Colour Fades After A Few Washes

You will be washing your cycling top on a regular basis, so it needs to be able to withstand the rigours of going through a washing machine several times a month. The colours will start to fade rapidly if you have a poor-quality jersey. You can wash your jerseys on a lower setting to ensure that they will last for a long time.

The Patterns Are Not Very Distinctive

The pattern on the jersey needs to be extremely distinctive so that you will stand out. Poor quality jerseys are not renowned for having good patterns.

The Material Is Not Breathable

The material of the jersey needs to be breathable so that you will cool down as you are riding and you will not sweat excessively.

You should keep an eye on your jersey to make sure that it does not develop and problems when you wear or wash it.