The usual technology is ink trawler: it means that it shoots small drops of liquid ink on paper using a matrix made of hundreds or thousands of tiny nozzles. These nozzles start after what you want to print

To print out the pictures, select any sublimation technology. The letterhead is made with a small resistor that heats up and turns the solid ink into a gas that turns into a movie on paper. The color of cool with the connector on the paper, creating a point of inks: color tone varies according to the temperature of the print head.

So there is a wider color range than the ink jet printer or laser printer, which has only three primary colors (cyan, magenta, yellow) to create other colors. The thermal sublimation offers 16.7 million colors and a picture performance that reminds analog images thanks to the paint on the colors. Printer basically needs drivers for the run on windows. This site provides a great driver for download HP Printer Drivers. Not only printer driver also provide all model of HP Driver Download for your windows compatibility.

Laser technology is aimed in particular for professional use and uses an ink toner powder that is a shoulder.

This process allows the laser is very accurate and saves ink by guaranteeing a better life.

In addition, there is a system that is not as expensive but very fast and robust, ideal for use in businesses.

For Perfect Print, The resolution and speed are two settings that are optimized from one to the other. If a printer is equipped with high resolution, it will reduce speed, but if speed is fast, the resolution less.

The resolution is measured in dots per inch (dpi), i.e. the number of points to which the printer can print on a blank, i.e. 2.54 cm. naturally, if the resolution is high, the picture becomes clearer. But it is not enough!

Sublimation Printers offer a resolution of only 300 x 300 dpi and at the same time guarantee as good results as an ink jet printer at 1200 x 4800 dpi. A laser printer also offers a better result than the ink jet printer, since the points are more accurate and clearer.

The speed is measured in page per minute (ppm), and manufacturers often underestimate it.

So in addition to the speed you need to add the processing time, which depends on processor power and memory to the printer. You must also expect the quality of the ark that you want to use (draft, normal, optimal or economically).

Main memory is also important with the speed: if the printer has a large memory capacity, it can store more information on the page to be printed. The treatment is thus faster and print: this also applies to high-resolution images that require a large memory. You could add memory chips to improve processing speed.

A Printer At What Cost?

We should think of these items to get an optimal printing, but it can cost money. For example, a photo printer, it is more expensive than a photo lab, which often works with sets of multiple pages at low prices. Between ink and paper, it may cost a few dollars if you print it yourself, and more if it is a dye-sublimation printer.

You must, therefore, count on how many pictures you want to print and keep in mind that the 10×15 photo printers can be worn everywhere: very convenient for family parties!

The cheapest is the Laser Printer: a color page costs only a penny. Therefore, it is often used in companies.