Photography is so simple and easy nowadays that even a child can take photos. But it was not that easy since the first camera was invented. With slight taps and clicks, photographs can be taken these days. A single click can capture the moment which you want to have. You can keep your photos for a long time in your cell phone devices or some other devices with one click. Even if you want to keep your photos in photo book like Zno. This Zno review will let you understand that how helpful Zno can be. Because photos are the best option for immersing the special moments which come into your life. However, photography also has some facts, which you may not know, have a look below:

  1. Kodak is a company which was founded by George Eastman in 1888. This is really a great company and it has marked values in the field of photography. In 1976, more than 85% shares of a photographic market were owned by Kodak. That huge success was real because of the successful and nicest performance of this company.
  2. The technology which is used for photography nowadays was also developed by Kodak. This technology is still being followed in photography. Because it has also of benefits and the results are really awesome.
  3. In past, if we look at 1825 or back to that time, we will find something really remarkable and astonishing. In that era, photography was a hard task because of the cameras. It takes hours and hours to take even a simple photograph.
  4. It was not only hard for photographers to take the photos in hours but also for people, it was hard to keep a smile for hours.
  5. The first digital camera was invented by an engineer in Kodak about 1975. That was a marvellous piece of science because it was capable of capturing a photo in just about 25 seconds.

So, these are some of the facts about photography. You should have an idea and should be thankful to engineers and scientists who have made the photography easier for you.