Bali is a nicest Island which resides in the territory of Indonesia. The island is so beautiful and marvellous that you would be wondered to see. The island will give you beautiful and sounding glimpse that you will not wish to leave this place.  This place is equipped with marvellous features and there are many facilities which are ready for you. In order to make your holidays special, you can get the best Bali tour packages. But there is also a tour guide to make you assist for making your time great.

  1. Bali is such place where the temperature is usually high. An average temperature is about 32 degrees here in Bali. Therefore you don’t need to bring your warm jacket along with you. Because here the best time to visit is the July. So, you are welcome towards the land of beauty and the land of delightful looks.
  2. This island is immersed in the culture and beauty of its divine rituals. You will experience here the nicest and overwhelming glimpse of their cultural demonstration. In this place easily you can see that from younger to elders everyone is equipped with their cultural beauty. Everyone who is present there is offering the great and charming views which their culture has got.
  3. You can find that people there are dressed in their usual clothes. They are following their inherited trend instead of following the western clothing.
  4. Moreover, you can also find out that the religious people there have their own temples which are present there. If you are planning to visit the temples then you should get a sash. The sash or sarong is a piece of cloth you need to wear surrounding your waist. Moreover, you also need to cover yourself till yourself till the knees.
  5. You don’t need to buy the substandard or alcoholic drinks there. Because at Bali, you can easily get the fresh and cheap drinks. The drinks would be pure and best in quality, therefore, you don’t need to buy other drinks which are also bad for your health.
  6. Don’t forget to take a coffee while you are at Bali Island. In past Bali has been considered as the best place for coffee lovers. Therefore you smut visit the cafes and take the coffee. You will also find out Wi-Fi so that will add value to your visit.
  7. If you are someone who belongs to Australia then you don’t need to pay the visa price. Because according to some agreements Australians can visit the Bali free for 30 days.
  8. Another thing which you need to keep in mind is that don’t drink the usual water there. You must take the bottled water and also clean your teeth afterwards. If this is your first visit then also try to sue the ice as this would also not be good for you. Only do rely on the stuff which you get from the standard hotels.
  9. This place is really good and people there are generous too. They will expect a tip from you but if you will give them they will really admire this.
  10. If you will learn their language then they will certainly like you. They appreciate this thing that somebody is learning their own language.

Hope, this guide would be helpful for you. You will also learn many other things when you will visit the place.