The history of the FC Barcelona soccer team goes back over 100 years. In reality, the first squad was formed back in 1899, which suggests that the team has touched history in three different centuries. All though that huge span of time, the team has continued to grow more popular and successful, and today, they’re one of the most noteworthy and storied sports groups in the world.

Today, the club stands aside from almost all others throughout the world. The team motto, More than a Club, certainly stands as true, then. They represent not just the city of Barcelona but the Catalan lifestyle, which helps to fuel the fire between their opposition, Real Madrid. They have won 21 La Liga titles, 11 EUFA competitions, which involves the current incarnation, the Champions League, 9 Spanish Super Cups, and masses more.

It all started out much more modestly, though, back in 1899 with the Foot-Ball Club Barcelona, a grouping of a few players formed by Joan Gamper. The team had only modest success in the initial few decades, winning 1 or 2 competitions though not achieving all that much necessarily. Still, the officially recognized language of the club was Catalan and the team formed deep roots in the community, turning into a representation of the culture there, as discussed above.

By 1909, the team started playing at the Camp de la Industria stadium, which had an 8,000 seat capacity. Just over 10 years later , in 1922, the team moved to Les Corts, which had a capacity of 22,000. That capacity would be boosted all the way up to 60,000 eventually. It hardly scratches the outside of Barcelona’s current stadium, Camp Nou, which has a capacity of over 98,000, making it the biggest in Europe.

The following few decades saw the team right in the middle of the Spanish Civil War and all the political chaos and struggle in the country. In 1936, the club president was slaughtered, and before that, many team members had been fighting in the army. Famously, in 1943 Barcelona, which wasn’t allowed to showcase Catalan flags or other symbols of the region, won the 1st leg of a match against Real Madrid at home, then were threatened by the tyrant and lost the second leg 11-1.

After several decades of off and on again success, the team truly began picking up to its current form by the early 1980s. Since that point, they have been a mainstay at prize rites and championship games, and they have earned their spot as one of the planet’s finest sporting teams. FC Barcelona tickets make not only for a great event but an opportunity to relive the history of a whole region and country.