The bike is such industry which is growing daily and due to this reason we can find out bikes everywhere in the world. They are not only the need of humans but also going to be a part of life. It is a must concern and everyone is trying to find a bike. Because with time being now it is not only used as a solution for travelling but also as a fashion. The bikes like ninja 300 abs  is offering really great services. Ninja 300 price is also not much higher. You can find out many different designs in bikes which make them sounding. However, there are some facts about motorbikes which every biker should know. Have a look below:

  1. The longest motorbike was built by a Russian named as Oleg Rojov. It was built on December 19, 2005, and it was long over 31 feet. This was the tallest bike which works greatly.
  2. Billy Baxter was a person who lost his eyesight in Bosnia and became blind. But still he was passionate and he made a record of riding the bike at 164 mph even though he was blind. He made it on august 2nd 2003.
  3. The front tire of a motorcycle works differently as compared to other tires in vehicles. Because this tire can dispense the water about three times more as compared to the tired of other vehicles.
  4. Harley-Davidson did a really strange work in the history of motorcycling. He has used a tomato can as a carburettor for his first motorbike.
  5. There is an alarming fact for all the bikers and it should not be forgotten. Almost 1 in every 5 bikes which are not parked into garaged can be stolen. Therefore you should keep in mind while parking the bike because it can be your bike too.
  6. The insurance companies deny from bike stealing by saying that almost 25% of bike theft claims are fraud.

If you want to have the best bike which can work greatly then check out everything about the bike. Because you can be a person who has done a great job for the bike industry.