This is the age of the computer. We can easily see computers in homes and offices, and without them, we cannot even consider living a comfortable life. These computers have become one of our daily needs. They carry all of our data and other important stuff. Furthermore, in all the offices, most of the work is done on the computers. And as this is very fast age and no one has time to wait for anyone, so all of the work which is done whether it is done by hands or by the computers should be completed as soon as possible. For this purpose for a person, it is really necessary to have all sorts of typing skills to complete their task in shorter time period. If you are an average typist then every job is going to be tough for you, because every businessman or woman requires a typist who can type continuously without making any kind of mistakes. For this purpose, you surely need to have Beginners Typing Lessons.

Importance of Typing

If you ever go for an interview there would surely be a question which would surely be asked to you and that question is that what is your typing speed? Or how many lines you can write per minute? Maybe your work is not related to the computer all time but this question can give a strong impact on your image towards your employers. So if you are an expert as a typist then for sure chances to get a job will be increased by 40%, because at some point your boss will need you on the computer. Now wherever you go you will easily see that the ones who are expert in using computers and with great typing speed, gets all the jobs around. Just with this single quality, you can leave a good impression on your employers. As there is famous saying that, the First impression is the last impression so from this you can realise if you carry a good image in the interview then your future in this company will surely be bright.


This is just a single benefit of being a master of typing skills, there are many other benefits as well just inside the company during your job. First that as taking the good image by completing all the tasks on time you can get promotion very soon, and you can even get many other more good jobs as well. And the good thing is that you can get all of this by just a single skill. This is not a difficult thing to do. This task is really simple, all you need to do is to get some guidelines over the internet and then you have to practice them. The more you practice the more good you will get in it. From all of the other ways to learn to type on the keyboard the better way is touch-typing.

What is Touch-Typing?

This is one of the easiest and simple ways to learn to type. This will not just teach you the way to type but it will also teach you that at what position you will get benefits of typing and which position is healthy for you Because health always comes first whatever you do. As for the average person, you must go for the beginner level. At this level, you are going to learn about the position of your hands and your fingers. Furthermore, there are two portions on the keyboard which are assigned to each hand. The portion on the left side is known as ASDF Keys and for the right hand, the portion is known as Home Keys. These are the most basic things which you are ever going to learn in any of the typing session. The reason that why a portion of the keyboard is assigned to a single hand is that it becomes easier for a typist to recognise each key. In this way, you can easily type even if you are not looking for the keyboard.

Results of Touch-Typing

Once you have completed your training for this touch-typing then you can easily write at least 60 words per minute, which is not such a big deal. But this is a real big achievement for you as the beginner. This will be only possible if you have learnt and practised your training very well. As we all know that Practice makes a Man Perfect. There are much other software as well which you can download from the internet or if you have unlimited Internet facility then you must go for online sessions. As this session will point out your mistakes easily and you will know that where does your typing skills lack. There are many people who just write out with just two fingers which is not accurate.


If you want to be a fast typist then always remember that you are required to use all of your fingers for the typing and not just the index fingers. In the first session of the typing, you will learn that how to put all of your fingers accurately on the keyboard, and you will also learn the exact position of all the keys on the keyboard. Remember that just four of your fingers should be on the alphabet keys and just your thumbs will be used for the spacebar. As your session goes on you will learn how to limit your fingers on the specific keys, and how to use your fingers in rhythm.

Master your Skills

There are many among you who used to hit the buttons very hard on the keyboard, which comes in a great disadvantage. Due to this the muscles on your hand gets tired and more you write the more pain you are going to feel. This is just some kind of mental satisfaction that by pressing the buttons hard they will work properly but actually, the buttons should be pressed very lightly. By this, you can work for a longer time period without giving a break to your hands because now your hands are not going to get tired. Once you start to practice it then soon you will become habitual to it. If you are tired of using those same old sessions every time then you need not worry as there are several typing games as well.

Learn and Play

Now you can learn while you play those colourful and interesting games. Due to these games, you will create an interest in learning as well. These games work on time management, and you have to write before the time goes out. If the same thing is done for the simple typing sessions then many people would surely give up on their initial learning. AS no one is same in physique similarly no one is similar in learning. So if you are learning slowly then it is not a big deal, because you are not alone in this world. There are many others as well because slow and steady wins the Race. SO never give up and keep learning because one day you will be among of the fast typists. Which will be your biggest achievement on your bright future.