After the success of legalization in Colorado and California, different organizations combined to join forces and push for legal marijuana use in 3 big states…Texas, Florida and Georgia. The combined organization is Make-It.Legal (website: www.Make-It.Legal).

With a President and Attorney General actively trying to repress the legalization movement, Make-It.Legal is an effective counterforce and helping the suffering people in these backward and oppressive hard-core Conservative Red States.

According to the Texas Department of Justice, Marijuana comprises more than half of all Texas drug arrests and 97% of those were for possession of 2 ounces or less. In 2016 – over 66,000 were arrested in Texas for Possession alone. The Florida Department of Justice reported almost 40,000 arrests for marijuana possession.

Newsweek magazine reported that the cost of prosecuting marijuana possession is over $3.5 Billion a year. The courts and police should stop crime – not waste their limited resources on non-criminal citizens who enjoy smoking recreational marijuana.

As the whole country is seeing the benefits of legal marijuana, the resistance by states is ending because of popular support and successful ballot referendums.

With many people in different states still trapped behind the “Iron Curtain” of outdated and backward thinking laws toward legal recreational Marijuana use, only with public support and pressure can these laws change and everyone in the USA can be part of what Millions are already doing – enjoying the benefits of legal Marijuana!

Make-It.Legal is an organization fighting for the American people’s rights to enjoy recreational marijuana in the whole country…working state by state. The grass-roots organization is comprised of volunteers and donations. If you believe that recreational marijuana is NOT a crime, please help with a small donation.