Photography is not just an art, but for an artist, it is a need for a soul. Even people from the Stone Age uses the pictures on the walls of the caves. So that their caves must describe their achievements in hunting in the form of these pictures. AS the science made progress, this art also progressed. With the invention of cameras, the whole meaning of photography changed. After that person took it as their career, and many famous photographers came forward like we have heard about Matthew David Parker, Cindy Sherman, Andreas Gursky, and Walid Raad etc. These all photographers made great achievements in this field and showed us a different image of our surrounding by their passion.

What is Photography?

As in this present age with the introduction of cheap digital cameras, Amateur Photography has also been increased. That means now people takes pictures which does not sound much appealing, just because they do not have skills to use those cameras. But professional photography is totally opposite to that, and it is then further divided into many different categories. Every photographer uses this art according to their own interest.

Different Types of Photography

There are many different types of photography, and some of them are described below,

  • Underwater Photography
  • Nature Photography
  • Action Photography
  • Black and White Photography
  • Travel Photography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Landscape Photography

These are just some of the types, and if we discuss just one type out of it. Then for sure, we would find modern or old famous photographers. Just like Matthew David Parker is expert in Landscaping, Travel, and Aerial Photography. He is an inspiration for the all the photographers of the United States of America. The lifestyle of New York has inspired him a lot, that now he decided to show the whole world, all the different faces of this city. Like he always shows up the tall buildings of New York in his Photography. Furthermore, between those buildings, a huge park is a source of attraction for every photographer. Except this he also shows up the busy lifestyle of the people living here, and how do they all have to work hard in order to survive there. He was always fascinated by the way people manage their lives over there. The reason that his photographs inspire people a lot is because that is his passion and his love for his work.