Online ordering is slowly becoming more and more popular, with it now comprising about 30% of the daily takeaway ordering. There are many reasons for the popularity that online ordering is receiving, and why it is likely that online ordering is only going to become more popular in the future. The biggest two reasons are the convenience it offers customers and the lowered frustration that a customer is going to feel. The more convenient an ordering system is and the less frustrated a customer is, the more likely the process is going to be repeated in the future.


With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, it has become easier and easier for people to open apps on their phones and order food in. This makes it incredibly convenient for a customer to be able to order his or her meal while he or she is stuck in traffic, riding the bus, or even on break while he or she is at work. When these orders are placed online using one of the many ordering apps, the orders can be remembered in the system for the next time you order, which makes it even easier for you to remember what the name of the dish you last ordered was.

Many of the apps that you can use to order food online also allow you to choose the time that you want to have your food delivered. For some, it is very convenient to pre-order food while they are thinking about it, which for some people could be early in the morning. An example of the usefulness in this is if you want to order from one of the Chinese takeaways in Bristol. By ordering online, you can order your food while you are on your way to work in the morning and know that your food will be ready for you to pick up on your way home from work.

Less Frustrations

You probably find yourself very frustrated when you call in an order and the person taking the order can’t seem to hear what you are saying because the restaurant is so loud. When you are placing your order online, you don’t need to worry about being misheard because you are manually putting your order into the system in a way that can’t be misunderstood. Another advantage to online ordering is that you aren’t going to be standing in line behind someone who is unsure what he or she wants to order, nor do you need to hold the line up to decide what it is you want to order. Instead, you can take your time scrolling through the menu and placing your order.

There is also an advantage to being able to look through the menu online without feeling rushed. You never know what dishes you have never ordered because you skimmed right over them in the menu and ended up just ordering your usual. Now you can take your time and try new menu items that could become your new favourites.