Measurement of Social Trends:

With the advancements in technology, the meaning of measurement has been changed in the context of the virtual world, the inception of social media has raised to a development of new type of social monitoring tools which are used to measure the activity on social networks. These tools are designed to actively monitor social media channels seeking for information and for the process these tools use to track multiple types of social media sources such as wikis, news sites, blogs, social networking sites, video and photo sharing sites, forums, message boards and user-generated content, in general, to extract the sentiments and figure out their volume about a broad subject or topic. There are many free social monitoring tools available which have limited options to access but you can have access to more features in a premium package of these best social media monitoring tools which are paid. “GoBabl “is a service provider that provides social media analytics tools and it has many feature, there are three subscriptions available that is basic, standard and enterprise.

What’s a great deal with

“GoBabl” is a software as a service platform (SaaS Platform) which allows its users to have Geolocation Social Media Data services, Social Media Insights and Engagement. GoBabl enables you to find posts based on any location or keyword or even any user. GoBabl provides you with a map which you can use to zoom your search to an area visually and see hotspots for certain trends and activities. The dashboard social media page allows you to view all the results and outcomes of your search. On application there is no limit for search count, you can do as many searches as you want. Then it also provides the option of social functions using it you can link your accounts with GoBabl, in collage view, you can connect to your social media accounts. The standard GoBabl application gives you access to advance analytic, this service is cannot be availed on Basic subscription. Using advanced analytics you can keep track of over a particular area. In advanced not only are these the features offered by GoBabl but in the Enterprise subscription, you have access to engagement platform.

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What do these tools offer?

These social media analysis tools free the marketers from the hustle of getting feedback and instead, they can see the changing activity right in front of them happening. These social media monitoring tools show the cross-section of the groups that include market research, PR staff, marketing teams, social engagement, agencies, and salesman. There are many service providers and top social media monitoring tools include HootSuite, TweetReach, Klout, Social Mention, Twazzup, Addictomatic, HowSociable and much more. These social monitoring tools provide following features:

  • Social media tracking tool enable you to lock on a keyword or a hashtag and track activity related to it
  • You can pinpoint the user by monitoring social media tools and you can keep its track in case if she/he is an influencer.
  • You can track the activity on the base of location and you can also see the area where certain keyword or hashtag is growing and where it has a low intensity.
  • The result can be viewed in three ways Collage view, Map view and the Analytic view which enable the user to see different dimensions of its result.
  • Heat map shows the intensity in accordance to location
  • Then you can see the top places too
  • The pie graph of the sentiments shows the response of the public you can see positive, negative and neutral feedback
  • You can see the top users of that particular area as well
  • Media tracking tools allow you to engage with people right from the web application
  • Real-time insights of your subject
  • Analysis of the influencers
  • Brand monitoring tools enable the marketers to check the results of their efforts in market and adjust their work according to the current situation

Importance and Implementation of Listening Services:

Amongst many, one of the best social media monitoring tools advantage is that it changed the whole shape of marketing department and it make the decision making process more easy and continent than ever before, by using location-based social network websites you can poke into the changing patterns and upcoming trends and you can collect a lot of strategic business intelligence. The history of certain location and chronological changing patterns make the effort to be more focused and less energy is wasted on the places where it has less effect. Social media monitoring tools are a huge step towards the new dimension of future marketplace and not only it is effective in commerce domain but it can also be implied on the Security and Public safety domain. As we have seen any kind of mishap or any natural disaster tend to create a hype of certain hashtags. This way without wasting time and resources you can narrow down your focus on the more heated areas which you can see on Analytics pan of application. By using media analytics tools you can follow activity of the print media, online media and broadcast media. This work in the same fashion you just lock on the subject and they system keeps you updated as the situation is changes. Social network monitoring software provides functionality, tracking and gathering relevant content across the wide range of social media, most of the times this is used by social media, marketing and communication teams to identify the current trends, track competitors and in order to understand the sentiment of customers. These products are also used by media outlets to identify breaking news by monitoring social media key indicators.

The use of social media engagement tools enables you to keep pace with your audience on twitter, Facebook or Instagram and by using it you can track particular individual which are some kind of trend changers or influencers. It allows you to identify the content that resonates best within your community and let you publish very easily. The social media tracking tools help you to determine from where you have to start, what other are talking about within your target market and so that so that you can manage your decision accordingly. You can find out that how the feedback of your product is whether it is good or bad. You can figure out what are some of the frequently asked questions about certain things. You can find out the key influencers of your market. You can keep your competitor under your radar and you can find out where you want to focus your marketing efforts and you can find out your sales opportunities. By using the listening services both journalism and social media domain can have benefits, they can keep an eye on social networks to dig out stuff they are in search of.

Location Based Monitoring in Journalism and Marketing:

The location-based social app enabled the real time factor in trend setting and measurement tools such as in Instagram we can put a location with the name of a person as well as the name of the place then afterward this metadata is collected by listening application and they forecast the future patterns. You can have many benefits of using social network dashboard like your productivity will be increased, you can keep track of what are your competitors up to, better scheduling, rather than sitting on there and posting manually you can schedule it and focus on somewhere else. Media monitoring tool enables you to track your brand, it shows real time progress of your brand, you can create alerts to be notified early and by developing brand influencers you can increase the awareness of your product in public.

The concept of social network monitoring tools and media monitoring tools is alike in both cases you can track what you care looking for you can have an eye on the source, you can find where your efforts are dense and where you need to work. Social media analytics dashboard provides you information about top hashing and top keyword and also it let you know who the most active individual in specific area are, then the most prominent features is the location-based tools which map out all of your results and show hot areas on map. The dashboard for social media made things even simpler you can receive and send message from all of your accounts while on the same page, only the social media and journalism are getting benefit out of it but this SaaS will help to handle medical emergencies matters as well as safety and security matter will also be improved.