Your home is the only place in the world that houses all of your belongings and roof of your house keep everything safe inside. You take roof for granted until it starts leaking. If there is something wrong with the roof, then you are in need of a new installation or roofing repair company. Ever one got a house, and when your roof needs a repair you want to have a reputable service provider.     If you live in West Bloomfield, MI then best roofing contractors in West Bloomfield Michigan are twelve oaks roofing.

How roofs get damage & how to repair them?

Your roof is damaged due to exposure to serve, whether conditions which include torrential rains, hail, snow, and the wind. Roof repair service providers offer beautiful, durable roofing which in available in many colors. These companies also provide services to correct any leak, rot, mold, or damage to your roof. These roofing repair service providers work for both residential and commercial structures. The fundamental purpose of making roof is to insulate the inner from extreme climatic anomalies.

Elements of Room Design:

There are mainly three elements of a roof design.

1) The Material

2) Construction

3) Durability


The insulating properties of the roof depend upon the material used in roofing.  In some places, natural materials are used for roofing like banana leaves, thatch these have excellent insulating properties. Developing countries, they have ceiling installed whose sole purpose is to insulate against cold and heat, noise, dirt, and from humidity. Concrete tiles are also being used for insulating purposes and are excellent at stopping the heat in the summers. Some of the increasingly being familiar concepts in roofing are the use of synthetic foam laid before the ceiling, and other these types of materials are being used to cover the roof to trap heat sources.   These types of roofs are called cool roofs. These cool roofs have high reflectivity and significant thermal emittance.

Construction Method

The method of construction also plays a vital role in the laying of a roof. Whether the underneath space is sufficient and whether or not the roof has pitched.  The pitch is the angle of the roof, which the roof rises from to its lowest to the highest point.  Expect the dry areas, roofs is high pitch sloped but these days due to modern construction material remove the need of tone although it’s a matter of aesthetics too.


The durability of the roof is the issue of grave concern because it’s the least accessible part of the building for the maintenance or damage repair. Sustainability also depends on the supporting structure of the roof and the outer layer of it. In some building, the outer layer itself is the support of the roof, but generally, the roof supported by the walls.   The roof support structure comprises of beams that are long and they made of rigid material like timber.

The outer layer material is available in a variety of types.  In early days of human race vegetation was used as roofs some places today use bamboo and in modern days’ asphalt is used for that purpose.  Metal type roofing have also been developed. To provide more insulation material like thermoplastic and fibreglass are also laid on the top of the roof to minimize the weather effect. Roofs with poor insulation and ventilation can suffer from issues like ice dams and then melting ice water can create a leakage in the roof.  The roof is meant to keep water out, and a large area of roof repels water too.