It is not easy to diagnose depression. Diagnosing depression is difficult because not all signs can be visibly seen straight away. The clinical depression disorder is the kind of depression that is experienced for weeks or even months or years. Depression sufferers usually see things differently than most people as they start having a negative attitude. The actual cause of depression is still unknown. There’s a set of standards that psychologists and psychiatrists use to diagnose depression and they are set by the American Psychiatric Association. In fact, there are a lot of depression signs and it affects both men and women in different ways than people know. One can feel weary or don’t have energy whenever he or she is suffering from depression symptoms. Patients who are suffering from signs of depression don’t just feel sad but they also have insomnia. There are people who have depression and prefer to just sleep most of the time while others can’t get sleep. Depression gets worse when the person is not able to sleep well at night making them irritable. When one is depressed the appetite is affected and one can either overeat or not eat enough. Weight loss is one of the common signs that can be noticed easily by a person that is depressed. A lot of patients that are clinically depressed are also not as interested in activities.

Sometimes persons with depression don’t have the same drive to work or for leisure. Depression is unique on every person as the signs vary one from another so it’s hard to diagnose. A depressed person most commonly feels hopeless or helpless even in a positive situation. Anxiousness and depression often come together. It’s a regular part of depression to also have some of the anxiety symptoms. There is no difference between the anxiety symptoms experienced by men as that of women who are also depressed. About half of the percentage of depressed individuals experiences some anxiety problems. Experts also think that before one experience depression he/she suffers from anxiety. The physical and the psychological effects of anxiety are very similar with that experienced by a depressed person. When you are feeling depressed, help yourself by making sure that you follow the steps to recover. You should not be ashamed to get treatment for your anxiety or depression as there are treatments available for you. It’s recommended that one makes sure to eat healthily and to exercise while on treatment for anxiety & depression. Be active and engage in exercise activities to help you with your anxiety. Natural remedies are bountiful in the market that is able to help the mild to moderate depression levels.