Social media has become an important part of our society. By the year 2014 1.9 billion people were using the social media. Some researchers predict that in the year 2018 the users of social media will be 2.67 billion. This rising figure reveals a lot and it includes people from almost all walks of life. They are Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Associates, Friends, Students, Parents and many other categories. As far as it is concern about children or teens so social media is playing a crucial role in their development.

Teens are getting the advantage by the use of social media. They can have access to their friends, family members and many other people all around the globe. In that regard, they can find an improvement in themselves. There are many ways by which social media is making a great change and bringing prosperity to the lives of teens and children. Some of those ways are illustrated below:

  1. It can create a sense of self-esteem and devotion in growing children or teens. By means of social media, they can come to know about the real condition of the world, a clear picture of what is happening around the globe. It can really melt down their hearts and will raise the passion of helping others. So they will be the volunteer to help the people who are helpless and who are living in bad conditions. This is really a marvellous role of social media in changing the lives of people.
  2. Social media is providing a platform to all the developing minds. It is the place where anyone can find new ideas which are worthwhile. It is making a great impact and making an increase in the cognitive abilities of teenagers. They are learning from social media and their ideas are shaping because of the photos, videos, and podcasts which are present there.
  3. There are many people who seemed to be more successful than others in the same field or profession. Even you can find many people who are not educated like others but still, they excelled in their fields. This is because many people are artists by birth. These are people who are born with their abilities. Such as musicians, singers, artists, teachers and many others. Social media can provide a platform to all those who have abilities in any profession. They can talk with the people of their field and they can exchange ideas and can learn a lot from them.
  4. Social media can also play an important role in making the vision of people clear. It can show the righteous path to all those who have blurred vision. It can help teenagers in shaping their ideas and highlighting their inner abilities.
  5. It can also guide teenagers in solving many of their issues. For example, a student who is searching for iPhone 6s wallpaper can also get some kind of wallpapers which are not good according to his age. But asking from his friends and taking a guideline on social media will be helpful for him/her.

These are some of the examples of how social media is helping the teenagers and children. There are many other benefits of using the social media which cannot be denied at all.