Every man that I know has one or two, or many jeans hung inside in his closet. Jeans is a fashion staple worn by many people around the world for different occasions. In fact, jeans know no gender because it is a unisex fashion essential that can provide your overall getup with style.

However, sometimes wearing jeans on a daily basis can give you some feels of a “fashion cliche.” That is why it is essential that you find ways how to wear your pair of jeans with style. For some help, here are some fashion ideas how to rock your favorite jeans to a whole new level.

Do it With Layers

This style is, for sure, the ideal casual look to wear during the summer season while you stroll in the park or the beach. You need a light-colored hoodie to layer it on top of a button-down casual shirt, and your favorite black jeans. Then pair it with double or triple cuff flip-flops to pull off the ultimate laidback aura for yourself.

The Double Denim Style

Double-denim has become a trend lately, thanks to celebrities like Kanye West! If it’s your first time to hear the term, well, double denim means wearing denim jeans and denim long-sleeved shirt as a fashion get-up. This new idea of wearing jeans stirred up praises and aversions alike because of its boldness of style.

Despite the fact that some people don’t like this way of wearing jeans, you can make it stylish with the right pair of shoes. For the long-sleeved shirt, go for one that fits perfectly on your body, and that is buttoned-up. Then you can wear a brown pair of shoes to add some details on the overall style.

Keep it Fierce with Black

When it’s a normal day, but you want to create some fierceness in your fashion game, then you can achieve what you want with your black jeans. You can pair it with a black hoodie and a pair of chic sneakers to create the look you want. For sure, your ordinary day will be extraordinary.  You can look for black jeans in sites like Deal Wiki.

Black Jeans Matched with the Casual Blazer

Yes, you heard it right, there’s a thing such as the casual blazer. Though blazer is known as formal or semi-formal fashion stuff, with the matching of the jeans and the casual blazer you will create for this formal clothing a laid-back vibe.

With its light linen, the casual blazer is ideal to pair with black jeans even on an ordinary day. You can choose a white T-shirt to wear underneath your blazer, and you will surely look fresh and chic. Then, make it as your final fashion statement the brown shoes to strike a balance of the upper outfit.

Do Not Forget the Cozy Cardigan

If you want to pull off a simple yet smart look, then this style is for you. Take your black jeans to a stylish level with a white, crisp shirt with a cardigan on top of it. You make sure that your shirt and cardigan fits your body perfectly. For you to top it off, you can wear a pair of sneakers for this outfit.


Jeans are the fashion staple that can provide you style to take your fashion game to a whole new level. There are many ways to wear your favorite pair of jeans for this purpose. You can take some cues above to get some new ways to wear your jeans.