For people who hate dieting, it’s not easy once they are given the ultimatum to lose weight. It’s also not easy for them to stop being lazy and adopt an active and healthy lifestyle. They can’t stand the thought of having to leave food and comfort to lose weight, but they also know and feel that they should lose weight otherwise it will be too late.

Weight Loss

They are caught in constant confusion between having to resist food and eating something, but they also know that they have no option. This is where a healthy alternative comes in between- having around 3 to 4 meals a day, low in calories, but with a wide variety.

In the 3 week diet, dieters can have almost everything that doesn’t have much or any sugar, that doesn’t have much or any carbohydrates and has a healthy dose of proteins to keep the blood pumping inside of you. Those people who tried out the 3-week diet talked about their amazing results and how fast they were able to lose weight with only watching what they ate and only keeping an active day by mostly walking and counting steps, cycling to the market and their work places, jogging in the morning and even doing yoga and different times of the day.

The 3-week diet allows a person to fully lose his weight if he is dedicated to it and can commit to preparing meals and eating them. Meals should normally consist of a big portion of protein like fish or chicken, little carbohydrate like one slice of brown bread and vegetable like tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, broccoli, lettuce and drinks like lukewarm water with lemon squeezed, green tea as a highly effective fat burner and even cleansing juices made out of vegetables like beetroot and carrots.