I enjoy being a copywriter. It’s something I always wanted to do. Basically, I get to translate data into usable content. When I’m not writing, I’m researching, getting ready for the next assignment. And since my topics are varied within the company’s focus, it is a big plus that I’m interested in reading broadly. And because I am curious, researching a topic is an adventure and not a chore. Because the internet is the greatest encyclopaedia of all time, bringing the entire connected world to me, I am never at a loss for information and second through fifth opinions if I need that.

Being a good writer is key to staying afloat. Being a better reader is what puts you ahead of the game. I said better reader, not faster. Speed is always good but it’s not the main focus. Never substitute speed for accuracy and comprehension if you want to survive in the writing world.

I have three fundamental guidelines that I try to follow:

  1. Be thorough in your research, as time permits
    • If you don’t have time to research many, go to the sources you trust and be clear about what you read
  2. When you are surfing, researching, bookmark your top picks—and be picky
    • Just because you know the blogger, doesn’t mean you’ll get the best material. Have a discriminating eye because your steady audience will
  3. Never submit your work without reading it through
    • Try, always, to give yourself the time it takes for a complete read-through. It’s worth a small delay to proofread.

These are three guides that serve me well as I work my word magic. I think they will help you too as you develop your portfolio, do your job, or do a friend a favour.

Proofreading is a Must

It’s a rare one who writes right the first time, every time. And I am not that rare one. I used to think a poem needed to work the first time written, or it was meant to be trashed. I thought the writing process that we learned about in grade school was for the masses and that genius afforded the real writers to just write once. I got it into my head that I couldn’t pursue writing because I was one of the masses and not the genius. Happily, I found that is not the case.

Ritual is Only Part of the Process

Through the years, I’ve read a lot about writing. Not the definitive list, but a good few books and articles, by some profoundly talented people. One common thread I noticed in the fabric of all writing stories, is that the best of them—of us, work at writing. We work to refine our skills, to keep up with current communication trends, and we invent new techniques along the way that suit the way we write.

And, there are the rituals; stories abound of writers who sit, sweat, fret, fume, gnash, gnaw, rant, proofread, meditate, moan, exercise, chant, eventually yielding to release and renewal, to re-insert balance and bliss into their writing life. Many that I’ve read about have ridden this frantic magic carpet, some regularly, only to return to sanity and civility, after having given birth to their next great work.

So it is unarguably true that the initial writing is more improved than the writing before and that’s the reason proofread is a must. Try to polish yourself and make everything clear through proper writing. To do that, some join great writing jobs portal and write for money. Others start to write a novel and some become a poet. Whatever your plan is, do it steadily and do it for humanity.